Frequently asked questions

You can log in using your Gmail account. The app does not have permission to access your Gmail account. Only your email address will be accessed.

Alternatively, you can create a new account from the "Manual Login" tab.

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Add users from user accounts. Use the users on other devices.
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Hold the line then drag and drop
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The administrator or authorized user can change the order date.

Open an existing order. Touch the table name in the upper left. Change the order date. Tap OK. Save the order.

If the order has not been entered, enter the order first. Then take the above actions.
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Check inventory option for the menu items.
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Delete all inventory transactions.
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Inventory => Remaining inventory

To change the available quantities, tap the icon in the rows, then tap "Change"
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Touch to payment icon, select payment type, touch to ok.
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Convert to Takeaway order. When the customer pays, you can close the order. If you want, you can change order date before closing the order.

Then use the "Takeaway order" section to find this order. Select the customer from the filters. You may need to change the start date.
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Select lines and touch to payment icon
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Select lines and tap change table icon
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Minimum app version: 2.310

Enter tax rates from the menu.

Then tap Print settings => Payment

Check the "Show taxes for each tax rate" option.

In the "Tax name" section, write or copy and paste the following.

5-GST (5%)
10-PST (10%)

The text after the '-' character will be printed.
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You can set a special tax rate for the order. The menu items tax rate is not used on these orders. Instead, the special tax rate you set for the order is used.

You can also do it the the order settings. There are two options for order and take away order. This special tax rate will automatically be set for the order when a new order is created. Minimum app version 2.325. You need to update the app on all devices creating orders.

An example;
Germany's tax rate is 7%. If the customer eat at the restaurant, the tax rate is 19%.
In this case, set tax rates to 7 for each menu item. Tax rates may vary for some products.
And set the special tax rate to 19 for order in the order settings.
In this case, the tax rate for orders created by selecting a table will be 19%. However, for takeaway orders, the tax rate of the menu item will be used.
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You should select "Show closed orders" from the kitchen filters.
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Set start and end date from filters of order list. Tap delete icon.
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Tap "Menu" from the home screen.
Tap the "+" icon in the bottom right.
Enter the food/beverage data.
Tap the "Save" icon at the top.

Or you can import your menu from web application.
Login. Click to "products". Click to "import" icon.
You can also upload product images.
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You can import your customers from the web application
Login. Click to "customers". Click to "import" icon.
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Touch to last invoice id from order settings
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Adding the amount up to the percentage of the order amount. For example, 10% for tip.
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Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the kitchen screen, tap sound.
You should do this on the Android device you use for the kitchen.
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Select font size from kitchen settings.
You should do this on the Android device you use for the kitchen.
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On the home screen, touch the settings icon at the top. There is option of "Actions for non-administrator users". You can do it on/off.
Only administrator users can do it.
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1- Bluetooth printers: You can use bluetooth printers that support ESC / POS.
Pair your bluetooth printer, all your Android devices you want to print to.
Login to the application from any device with an administrator user.
Tap to Printer settings => printers. Tap a line (for example, kitchen 1).
Select your printer from the Printer section and save it.

2- Wifi/Network printers: You can use wired or wireless printers directly connected to your local area network. (Not computer-connected printers). Your printer must have an IP address. Because the application will connect to the printer with this IP address.
Connect your printer to the network.
Select the "Wifi/Network" option from the print settings. For example; for Kitchen 1 (minimum application version: 2.198)
From print settings => printers section, tap a printer from the list. For example; Kitchen 1
Type the printer's IP address. Tap the save icon.
If you don't know the IP address, you can refer to your printer's user guide. Or you can ask your printer's supplier how to find out.

Data format:
   a- Text: If you are using the Latin alphabet, you can use the option. it prints fast.
   b- Bitmap: You can use the option for all languages. it prints slower. Includes the font size option. And it is possible to print your logo. Your printer must support image printing to use this option.

Important: Don't use "Star" brand printers. We received a lot of negative feedback about this brand printer.


You can use the web application on PC. You can use any wired or wireless printer compatible with your PC.

Reduce carbon emissions:
You can use the sharing options for the customer.
You can use an android tablet for the kitchen.
You don't need to print this way. And it is more useful.
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If you frequently print for customers from many android devices, we recommend using more than one printer.
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When waiters use one of the "Print for kitchen" options from their own device, the kitchen device does this printing. For this option you need an android device and a printer in the kitchen.

Select the "Print from kitchen device" option from the print settings with the administrator user. You can also select "Print when saved" if you want to print it in the kitchen when the waiter saves the order. Select this printer for the kitchen from the Printers section.

Why should I use this option?

1- If the distance between the kitchen and the waiters is too far for bluetooth/wifi, we strongly recommend you to use this option. In this option, the distance is not important as the kitchen device will do the printing.

2- If you frequently print from many Anroid devices for the kitchen, we strongly recommend you to use this option. The kitchen device prints sequentially by queuing the print jobs.

Using this option requires you to use different printers for each kitchen.
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If you are getting this message, the application could not connect to the printer. Follow the steps below.

* Make sure your printer is configured as described in the printing options.

* Make sure your printer is turned on and ready to print.

* If you are using a bluetooth printer, make sure your printer is in bluetooth range.

* If you are using a wifi printer, make sure your printer is in wifi range.

* If you are using a wifi/network printer, make sure your printer is connected to the network.

* If there are other applications that use the same printer other than Didan pos, close them. These apps can be on any android device.

* Print settings => Printers => [this printer] => Keep the connection
If this option is checked, uncheck it and tap save icon. If you changed this option, close and re-run the applications on your android devices using this printer.

* If you receive this message frequently when printing for the kitchen, use the "Print from kitchen device" option.

* If you receive this message frequently when printing for the customers, you can use more than one printer.
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Uncheck "only my orders" from the filters. If you have the necessary authority, you can change this option.
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The Android app contains many reports. You can tap the line in many reports to see its details. Touch the "filter" icon at the top right to filter the data.

You can use the web application for more reports.
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In the order list, orders are sorted by date and order IDs. Normally, the top order Id is the largest number. As you go down the list, the order IDs will consist of smaller numbers. In some cases, this order may change. You can receive a message about this in the order list.

* If you change the date of some orders, it is normal for the sorting to change. You can ignore this message. Only administrator users can change the date of orders.

* The dates of some Android devices may be incorrect when ordering. To prevent users from entering orders for dates before today, you can check the "Check order date for new orders" option in the order settings.
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You can rename kitchen from print settings.
And remove kitchen by selecting the "inactive" option.
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Print settings => kitchen => print => always all lines
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No action is required. The closing process is done automatically according to the date of the day. If you continue to work after 12 o'clock at night, you can set end time of work in the order settings.
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Select the discount options for the total and the line in the order settings.
Allow discount on total.
Allow discount on lines.
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Your password was sent to your e-mail address when your account was created. If you want it to be sent again; If you are logged into the app, tap the logout icon in the top right. Open the app again. Tap the "Manual login" tab. Tap "I forgot my password".
The web app also has a "I forgot my password" option.

Note: If you're logging into the app with your Gmail account, you don't need a password.
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Tap the settings icon in the top right. Tap "Change password".
The "change password" option is also available in the web app
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This is a cloud-based application. No data is stored on your Android devices. Your data is stored on our secure cloud servers located in the USA.

Data is backed up every day. And it is stored in different data centers. These backups are for restoring in extraordinary situations that we never want to happen.

You don't need to make a backup. You can access your data by logging into the application with the same user (e-mail) from any Android device.

If you still want to keep your data, you can do so by using one of the sharing options within the application.
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There is no data on your device. You can continue to use the application by logging in with the same user (email) from another android device.

If your device is lost, be sure to change your password. If you're logging into the app with a Gmail account, follow Google's instructions. You can do this from another android device or a PC.
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This is an issue with your wifi network. You can try the following.

1- Change dns servers when connecting to wifi from android device. You can try the following dns servers. How can I do?

Google DNS

Cloudflare DNS


2- Turn off the device that connects your wifi network to the internet and turn it on again. (this is usually a modem)

3- Contact your Internet service provider.
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When a new order is created or modified from one device, an instant message is sent to other devices in your restaurant. In this way, the data on the device screen is automatically refreshed.

We use Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for instant messaging. Usually the message reaches other devices instantly. There is rarely a delay.

If you are having trouble with this, you can try the steps below.

* Turn your Android device off and on again. This works in some cases.

* Make sure you allow background data in android app settings (For all your android devices). The default value is "on".

* If battery saver mode is on, it may cause this.

* You can try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it. This way the application will receive a new FCM token.

* If there are many tasks running in the background on your device, it may cause delays.

* There may be a delay when you first turn on your Android device. It's normal.

* You can try with a different internet connection. There may be a problem with your Internet connection that prevents you from receiving messages from FCM. This is not about how fast or slow your internet connection is.
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Application speed depends on your internet speed. If you are using a wifi connection and that wifi is heavily used by many, it may affect your speed. If you're having trouble with this, you can try with mobile data or another wifi.
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Activity logs older than 30 days are automatically deleted. You don't have to take any action.
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Google play handles in-app purchases. You will receive an email from Google Play upon successful purchase.

Follow the steps below to check your purchases:
* Open the Google Play Store application on your mobile device where you made the purchase.
* Tap the icon with your picture or your initial in the top right.
* Tap "Payment and subscriptions"
* Tap "Budget and history"

Sometimes the status of purchases can be "Payment pending". This means; Google play has not yet charged your payment method. In this case, you need check again later. Pending payments are either approved or canceled depending on the status of your payment method.
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If you are having problems making in-app purchases and receiving this message, follow the steps below.

* Restart your Android device.
* If the problem persists, uninstall the application and install it again.
* If the problem persists, please purchase it on another Android device.

If you are not going to make in-app purchases, ignore this message. This is only about in-app purchases. It does not affect other functions of the application. And this problem will probably resolve itself after a while.
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You can use the web app on smartphones, tablets or PC. The web application includes reports, printing, importing and uploading images. Log into the web application from the link below. If you do not know your password, please use option of How do I find out my password?
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We've added the "open cash box" option to the Printers section. If you are using a cash register printer, you can check this option. May not work on all models. You can try it and write us feedback. Brand/model and works/does not work.
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Synchronization is suitable for personal applications. Restaurant users in this application are working on the same data. For example, when the order is entered, it must go to the kitchen device. Therefore it works online.
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