Privacy policy


If you are logging in using your Gmail account, your email address is stored on our cloud servers. The application can only access your email address. It does not have permission to access your other information in your Gmail account. If you register by typing your Email and name on the Manual login tab, your Email address and name are stored on our cloud servers.

How do we use your email address?

Your contacts and phone numbers

You can create customers and suppliers from your contacts. The application displays your contacts in a list. The name and phone number of the person you selected will be transferred to the application. This information transferred to the application is stored on our cloud servers. Applicable for Android 9 and earlier devices.

You can manually create customers and suppliers. In this case, the phone numbers and e-mail addresses you enter are stored on our cloud servers along with other information.

How do we use phone numbers?

Other data

Orders, menu, customers, suppliers, expenses, etc. you enter through the application. data is stored on our cloud servers. We can analyze this data to detect problems, improve the application and for statistical calculations.

Storage, sharing and deletion of data

All data you enter through the application is stored on our cloud servers with the domain name Data transmission is encrypted with the HTTPS protocol. We do not share your data with third parties.

Why is data stored on our cloud servers?
* The application can be used on many devices for many places such as waiters, kitchens and cash registers. All devices use the common database on our cloud server.
* In this way, your data will remain safe when your device is broken or lost.
* Allows you to use the web application.

In the following cases, your data will be automatically deleted.
* If you delete all users in the app, your restaurant data will be deleted automatically after one month.
* Restaurant data that is not used for 6 months and contains less than 400 order lines is automatically deleted.
* Restaurant data that is not used for 1 year is automatically deleted.
* Users who do not use the application for 1 year are automatically deleted.

You can delete your account through the application. To do this, tap the settings icon at the top of the app, tap the delete icon next to your email address.

You can also access this privacy policy from the Play Store and the in-app help center.

Serdar Didan